jbk 2modThe guild’s production of John B Keane’s classic play MOLL directed by Patricia Harte took to the stage in the White Memorial Theatre, Clonmel on 20th – 23rd May 2015.

Moll is a comedy set in a rural presbytery in Kerry – the newly appointed Moll is a priest’s housekeeper who takes over the parish house with a “divide and conquer” strategy. When Canon Pratt and his two curates, Father Brest and Father Loran, lose their esteemed housekeeper Miss Bottomly, they must recruit a replacement to carry on with the cooking and cleaning. They select Miss Maureen Kettle, aka Moll. She wraps the Canon around her little finger, feeds him well while starving the curates and continues this pattern as the Canon is promoted and one of the curates takes his place. When it comes to the question on Moll’s pension, more chaos ensues – however Moll proves to be an unstoppable force.

John B. Keane with this play brings the audience behind the doors of the presbytery, circa 1971 to 1975 when to most Catholics that area was sacred and primarily the domain of the priest’s housekeeper. These women were a breed on to themselves –  dedicated almost intimidating and wielding a certain amount of power.

Directed by – Patricia Harte
Produced by – Pamela O’Riordan

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