The Crucible – Play by Arthur Miller

Performed: 3rd-5th December 2009 The Crucible by Arthur Miller forms part of the 20th Century Theatrical Cannon. This classic parable draws on two parallels – the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and a period of American history from the 1950’s when McCarthyism and the fear of Communism run riot. This is a story about the small province of Salem in Massachusetts, which was whipped into a frenzy of … [Read more...]

Noises off – Play by Michael Frayn (2001)

Performed: March 2001 Noises Off centres on a second-rate theatre company’s disastrous tour of a bawdy (and badly written) bedroom farce called ‘Nothing On’. Lines are forgotten, props are misplaced and the numerous relationships between the actors and their hapless director constantly threaten to derail the performance. A hugely challenging production, the three acts of Noises Off watches … [Read more...]