Prescription Murder – Play by William Link & Richard Levison

Performed: 13th –16th November 2013 It's 1962 and Dr. Roy Fleming wants out of his marriage. With help from his girlfriend he plans the perfect murder. Unfortunately for him he hasn't heard of the cigar smoking Lieutenant Colombo. Prescription Murder is our first time to see the man who was to grace our TV screens for many years to come. Written by William Link and Richard Levinson the play … [Read more...]

Trouble in Paradise – Three One-Act Plays

Performed: 12th –15th June 2013 Last Respects by Colin Calvery - Directed by Carol Acheson Henry Throgmorton (deceased) has decreed that a wake should be held in his honour. The guests, previously unknown to each other, are his wife and his two mistresses... Cast: Deadlock - Paul Kelly Valerie - Jacquie Slater Brenda - Suzanne Dunne Mrs. T - Miriam O’Connell Henry - Jim … [Read more...]

Cash on Delivery – Play by Michael Cooney

Performed: 17th – 20th April 2013 Cash on Delivery is set in the living room of 344 Chilton Rd, just off the Mile End Road in East London on a windy October morning. Eric Swan, the owner of the house, has been entangled in an elaborate swindle of the DSS (Dept. of Social Security) but all begins to unravel this morning, with the visit of Inspectors from the DSS. In true farce style, characters … [Read more...]

See How They Run – Play by Philip King

Performed: 22nd – 26th March 2011 Cast: Man - Tom Callery Rev. Lionel Toope - Ger Meagher Bishop of Lax - Jim Malone Rev. Arthur Humphrey - John Leahy Penelope Toope - Juanita Guidera Miss Skillon - Rachael Culligan Ida - Amanda Kirwan Clive - Sean Bergin Sergeant - Michael Hennessy Director: Patricia Harte … [Read more...]

The Country Boy – Play by John Murphy

Performed: 7th –10th November 2012 Eddie Maher returns to visit his birthplace in Ireland with his American wife, after many years in America. His younger brother Curly is about to leave and join him in America. Eddie doesn’t want him to go, as America isn’t as wonderful as people in Ireland think. Eddie regrets leaving Ireland and believes his brother is making the same mistake he made. His … [Read more...]

Move Over Mrs Markham – Play by Ray Cooney & John Chapman

Performed: 27th – 31st March 2012 Once upon a time there were people in love but as with every love story nothing is simple. In this case, Mr. Walter Pangbourne (John Halley) loves Mrs. Linda Lodge (Carol Acheson), who loves Mr. Henry Lodge (Jim Malone), who loves Felicity Jane Wilkinson (Esther Byrne), who loves Mr. Philip Markham (Sean Bergin), who loves Mrs. Joanna Markham (Patricia Harte), … [Read more...]

The Chastitute – Play by John B. Keane

Performed: 23rd – 26th November 2011 This is a John B. Keane play and in it he has captured rural Ireland with all their prejudices and morals in an hilarious and insightful way. There is a wonderful and experienced cast; indeed Ger Meagher shines as The Chastitute in a part that could have been written for him. Among the large cast is Amanda Kirwan who is known for her comedy and Sean … [Read more...]

The Crucible – Play by Arthur Miller

Performed: 3rd-5th December 2009 The Crucible by Arthur Miller forms part of the 20th Century Theatrical Cannon. This classic parable draws on two parallels – the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and a period of American history from the 1950’s when McCarthyism and the fear of Communism run riot. This is a story about the small province of Salem in Massachusetts, which was whipped into a frenzy of … [Read more...]

Noises off – Play by Michael Frayn (2001)

Performed: March 2001 Noises Off centres on a second-rate theatre company’s disastrous tour of a bawdy (and badly written) bedroom farce called ‘Nothing On’. Lines are forgotten, props are misplaced and the numerous relationships between the actors and their hapless director constantly threaten to derail the performance. A hugely challenging production, the three acts of Noises Off watches … [Read more...]